The 1.9 Update Minecraft 1.9 Update MC 1.9 is coming out soon guys! If you have any questions or concerns, ask me.(Visit my website!) So, whats gonna be in the 1.9 update of Minecraft?Well, I had these questions until I watched some videos on YouTue.. So lets talk about some things about this update:Blocks, Mobs,items, new generated structers! Now, the things I will be talking about, you can search it on the link. Anyway, the MC develop Team are thinking of adding new blocks in the game like decoration blocks and building blocks. These new End blocks in Minecraft look like the're sneaking their way to the 1.9 update. New Mobs in this update means more doungens and other structures in the Nether and End. The End is my favorite dimension in the game so this new doungen really got me excited. The new mobs (End) give you new affects including an affect that lifts you off the ground. This is the mob that inflicts you with a potion-like effect. This is a list of new added stuff: 1. duel weilding 2. chiseled endstone 3. new potion effect 4. new arrows 5. new dimension 6. new mobs 7. new plant 8. new type of food There are a lot of videos on the 1.9 snapshots and update news on YouTube.